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for all the Norumaniacs!



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This contest was dedicated to all of you, fans and admirers of our

guitar hero, to celebrate this website’s 2nd birthday!


This time, you were asked to guess THE TITLE OF THE SONG AND

THE ALBUM TITLE of each of the following 45 sentences, taken from the John’s songs with Europe, Don Dokken, Dokken and as soloist.



01 - I'm never gonna refuse your love LET ME LOVE YOU - TOTAL CONTROL (J. Norum)

02 - In her light that shines I fall apart BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL SOUL - SECRET SOCIETY (Europe)

03 - In this world it all comes down to you when you realize it’s no tomorrow ONE MORE TIME - OPTIMUS (J. Norum)

04 - Take off your hat, kick off your shoes WISHING WELL - FACE IT LIVE '97 (J. Norum)

05 - Give a little hope and there'll be hope for you coming down like rain HOMELAND (PEACE OF MIND) - WORLDS AWAY (J. Norum)

06 - As the fight comes to an end the darkness begins to fade INSIDE - ANOTHER DESTINATION (J. Norum)

07 - When he comes to you, you always take him back TREATED BAD AGAIN - WINGS OF TOMORROW (Europe)

08 - I remember the first time I saw you, it was like a thunder in the sky BLACKSCAPE - SLIPPED INTO TOMORROW (J. Norum)

09 - Times like these it's like I never lived at all DEVIL SINGS THE BLUES - SECRET SOCIETY (Europe)

10 - Hoping that maybe one day he could be someone ON THE LOOSE - ON THE LOOSE (and THE FINAL COUNTDOWN) (Europe)

11 - May God be on your side, He'll stop the wheels and cars C.Y.R. - WORLDS AWAY (and FACE IT LIVE '97) (J. Norum)

12 - Where have you gone, will I remember your name? DISTANT VOICES - FACE THE TRUTH (J. Norum)
13 - I feel it, calling from the edge of the sky NIGHT BUZZ - FACE THE TRUTH (J. Norum)
14 - If only for one night maybe the Lord will try to save me HALF WAY HOME - ANOTHER DESTINATION (J. Norum)

15 - My heart's racing, my legs shaking FLAMES - START FROM THE DARK (Europe)

16 - Do you wake up cold in the middle of the night wonderin' why I'm not there WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON - ANOTHER DESTINATION (J. Norum)

17 - Said you were nothing special always kept to yourself START FROM THE DARK - START FROM THE DARK (Europe)

18 - Where’s the honesty? Let your soul live in me and you won’t live in misery CHANGE WILL COME - OPTIMUS (J. Norum)

19 - I have so much left to remember, I have so much left to forget STORMWIND - WINGS OF TOMORROW (Europe)

20 - It was late like the storm, finding it hard tried to carry on THERE WAS A TIME - LONG WAY HOME (Dokken)

21 - He made a big impression when he walked across the room KILLER WITHOUT A CAUSE - SLIPPED INTO TOMORROW (J. Norum)

22 - How long, as long as I could, so long, I'm leaving for good RESURRECTION TIME - ANOTHER DESTINATION (and FACE IT LIVE '97) (J. Norum)

23 - Fill my days with your care TOO MANY HEARTS - TOTAL CONTROL (J. Norum)

24 - I can tell, just by the look in your eyes, that the love is gone, that I once took LYIN' EYES - WINGS OF TOMORROW (Europe)

25 - I am dreaming all of the emotion is gone and I have to go ETERNAL FLAME - TOTAL CONTROL (J. Norum)

26 - I'm in a rage up from my head down to my toes ROCK THE NIGHT - ON THE LOOSE (and THE FINAL COUNTDOWN) (Europe)

27 - I've watched the life in the land where Pharaon reigned CENTER OF BALANCE - WORLDS AWAY (and SLIPPED INTO TOMORROW) (J. Norum)

28 - I've tried so hard just to be somebody but now I'm found PARADIZE BAY - EUROPE (Europe)

29 - I'm the shiver that runs up your spine THE GETAWAY PLAN - SECRET SOCIETY (Europe)

30 - The summer is gone you see, here comes the winter, you're not there IN YOUR EYES - FACE THE TRUTH (J. Norum)

31 - You move like fire, you dance like flame, resurrecting my senses again SUNLESS DAYS - LONG WAY HOME (Dokken)

32 - Maybe I should surrender, maybe I should give it up DANGER ON THE TRACK - THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (Europe)

33 - Just tell me why the children cry and how we can find relief  WHERE THE GRASS IS GREEN - WORLDS AWAY (J. Norum)

34 - Drugs are nothin' but a bet with your mind NOBODY ANSWERS - SLIPPED INTO TOMORROW (J. Norum)

35 - Is it too late to bring you back to me to me again 1000 MILES AWAY - UP FROM THE ASHES (Don Dokken)

36 - In the early dawn nothing seems to matter CHASE DOWN THE MOON - OPTIMUS (J. Norum)

37 - I gave you my heart, but you cried for my soul BLIND - TOTAL CONTROL (and LIVE IN STOCKHOLM '90) (J. Norum)

38 - It put some soul in this heart of mine GOT TO HAVE FAITH - START FROM THE DARK (Europe)

39 - What you know is what you get there is no reason to forget LOOSIN' MY MIND - SLIPPED INTO TOMORROW (J. Norum)

40 - I am praying that you'll be waiting for me FACE THE TRUTH - FACE THE TRUTH (J. Norum)

41 - But I'll be beside you ‘cause I want to hide you IN THE FUTURE TO COME - EUROPE (Europe)

42 - I will wander through your open mind, take your breath away NAILED TO THE CROSS - OPTIMUS (J. Norum)

43 - When two springs had passed a messenger came down the track THE KING WILL RETURN - EUROPE (Europe)

44 - I will be waiting here for you tomorrow  WILD ONE - TOTAL CONTROL (J. Norum)

45 - Sad empty faces look to my eyes, they seem to know me WHEN LOVE FINDS A FOOL - UP FROM THE ASHES (Don Dokken)




All the prizes are offered once again by WARNER BROS. Ent. Sweden


1st CLASSIFIED – Europe 20th Anniversary DVD signed + 1 Promo CD single

"Europe Live From the Dark"



43/45 correct answers (0 missed, 1 wrong, 1 spelling error)


"Europe 20th Anniversary" DVD, special edition with 8 pages-booklet, signed by the band + Promo CD singles with live version from Hammersmith, "Got To Have Faith", "Flames", "Superstitious", "Start From the Dark"

2nd CLASSIFIED – Europe "The Final Countdown" Lp signed +

1 Promo CD single "Europe Live From the Dark"



40/45 correct answers (0 missed, 0 wrong, 5 spelling errors)


First pressings of the original Europe "The Final Countdown" album Lp signed by the band + Promo CD singles with live version from Hammersmith, "Got To Have Faith", "Flames", "Superstitious", "Start From the Dark"

3rd CLASSIFIED – Longsleeve Europe T-shirt +

1 Promo CD single "Europe Live From the Dark"


VADIM VIKS (Estonia)

36/45 correct answers (4 missed, 2 wrong, 3 spelling errors)


Longsleeve T-shirt with E logo on chest and europe name on arm +

Promo CD singles with live version from Hammersmith, "Got To Have Faith", "Flames", "Superstitious", "Start From the Dark"

4th CLASSIFIED - 1 Promo CD single "Europe Live From the Dark"

MARY LOU RATH (California, USA)

36/45 correct answers (3 missed, 4 wrong, 2 spelling errors)

Promo CD singles with live version from Hammersmith, "Got To Have Faith", "Flames", "Superstitious", "Start From the Dark"

5th CLASSIFIED - 1 Promo CD single "Europe Live From the Dark"


36/45 correct answers (5 missed, 1 wrong, 3 spelling errors)


Promo CD singles with live version from Hammersmith, "Got To Have Faith", "Flames", "Superstitious", "Start From the Dark"


And thanks to all the other participants! Very Happy






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