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June 21st 2006: 3rd STUDIO REPORT!!!

Last Sunday John Levčn finished his last bass track and later in the same day John NORUM started working on his guitars... No time to loose! Boys say that John had more than 10 different Gibson guitars to try out in the studio, and after hours spent in testing and tweaking them all, he decided for a LES PAUL CUSTOM (Mick Ronson style) to be the No. 1 for this session. John says that this is THE BEST GUITAR SOUND HE'S EVER HAD! ...And all the other guys agree!!!

Boys added also that they'll keep on working until Friday (the 23rd), and then they'll take a break for some days to

celebrate the Swedish midsummer with snaps and herring, as in the Swedish tradition!!!



June 18th 2006: 2nd STUDIO REPORT!!!

On Monday the 12th boys started the recording of the forthcoming album (yet untitled, they said). Boys are enthusiastic, they're producing the album by themselves and they think it feel really good to be totally in charge.

Last Saturday Ian finished recording the last drum track (he even got to do a timpani overdub, using the very same timpani that John Bonham from Led Zeppelin played on the intro for "In The Evening"), and John Levčn is putting down the last couple of bass tracks. Next week it'll be GUITARS turn!!! The recording engineer is the legendary Lennart Östlund (and not Pontus Norgren, as announced before), who's famous for his work with Led Zeppelin, the Scorpions, Genesis, to name but a few. ROCK ON, GUYS!!!


May 10th 2006: JOHN NORUM OFFICIAL WEB SITE IS ONLINE! Ozzie re-opened the official web site yesterday, completely renovate!

On the main page you can find that message by Mr Norum for all of us, with a GREAT NEWS:

Last year was a busy year for me, late 2004 Europe Start From The Dark was released, and my wife and I had a baby on the same day!

September 22nd, 2004, from there it was non stop. First the European tour, then off to Japan and the States, then we did festivals all summer. My solo album Optimus came out in March, 2005, I did promo for that somewhere in between it all. After the summer tour we released our live DVD. Right now we are writing for the next Europe CD planning the next John Norum solo album, which I plan to record both this year. We are adding a merchandise section, sound clips and plan to add an equipment section, and write a letter every now and then about what's goin' on. Thanks a lot and take care. John Norum

So, very soon we'll have 2 great brand new albums!!! Stay tuned and keep on rockin'!!!

John Norum Official Web Site:


April 22nd 2006: During the "Here Comes The Night" Europe Tribute band Contest in San Vendemiano, Italy, Ian told us some great news: Europe will record the new album during the next 3 months, in autumn we'll have it and the World Tour will begin immediately after!

Stay tuned for more news about it!

...And as Ian said... STAY EUROPEAN!!!! Very Happy

Updating: Europe will start to record in June. Just a little delay, but they'll work hard to end the recording sessions during the summer.


April 16th 2006:



Cheers! Very Happy


April 1st 2006: Europe are ready to record! Next month they'll start to record the new album, in Stockholm. 17 songs are yet ready and maybe 12 of them will be chosen to be recorded.

Europe will produce the album by themselves, for the first time!!!

Pontus Norgren will be their sound Engineer again.

Stay tuned!


March 5th 2006: Ian HAUGLAND, Europe's great drummer, will attend a special Europe Tribute Night on April 22nd as special guest and member of the Jury in the cover band's Contest organized by the Europe Sound Prisoners (Novella, Paolo, Michele and Silvia) in collaboration with Annah and Laura Costa, ESC Presidents. The Special Night will take place in San Vendemiano (Treviso, Italy) at the "Sonny Boy" pub. The winning cover band among 7 in contest, will perform live during the next ESC Europe fans Convention.

During the night, will be lots of surprises, included an Eurolottery, with some Europe members' stuff!

Updating: Ian will be online to answer fans questions by ESC International Forum. There will be also a stand where it'll be possible to buy "Live From The Dark" - the official DVD and other Europe albums. Stay tuned!

Updating: It was a great night! Ian and his wife Marita were really kind with all the fans and Ian performed live with EUROPROJECT, the winner band of the contest!!! The whole event was filmed by Europe supporter, soon the recording will be available for you all. Stay tuned!


March 4th 2006: Pontus Norgren,  Europe's Sound Engineer (the first one from right), performed as guitarist with his rock band The Poodles (Jakob Samuel - singer, Christian Lundqvist - drummer, Pontus Egberg - bassplayer) during the Swedish contest "Melodifestivalen", that took place in Karlskrona, with the song "Night Of Passion". They won part three of the try-outs and qualified for the finals in Globen.

Updating: Deeply sorry to inform you The Poodles didn't win, but they did a great performance!!!

Better luck next time!


February 27th 2006: SITORUM DAY!!! (and my birthday... but let's pass over...). Not all the pages are available, but you can read John's BIOGRAPHY, know all about his VIDEO-DISCOGRAPHY, see the PHOTO-GALLERIES, watch and download his official videoclips in the MULTIMEDIA section, read the NEWS and join the MESSAGEBOARD or leave a sign of your presence on the GUESTBOOK. Other pages will come soon. Enjoy!

PS) If you have John's photos, audio or video interviews, articles, tablatures and other stuff you'd like to share, please contact me and I'll publish them soon. Thanks in advance.


February 23rd 2006:



Have a great year! Keep on rockin'!

Cheers! Very Happy


February 2006: MELDRUM, the Swedish/American band led by guitarist Michelle Meldrum Norum, entered a Los Angeles studio earlier in the month to do some recording for the follow-up to their debut album, "Loaded Mental Cannon". The band currently are still on tour in USA with MOTÖRHEAD after touring both the U.S. and Europe with BLACK LABEL SOCIETY earlier in 2005. In addition, MELDRUM singer Moa Holmsten recently recorded some guest vocals for MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy Kilmister's upcoming solo album.

Updating: MELDRUM has released a new DVD entitled "LOADED LIVE", featuring the song "Miss Me When I'm Gone" co-written by Lemmy. From May 2005 last live gig of the U.S. tour with Black Label Society. Buy it here:


January 31st 2006: EUROPE NOMINATED FOR BEST MUSIC DVD - With "Live from the Dark" Europe has been nominated for the best music DVD in the annual VideoGalan awards arranged together with Expressen. The winners of the competition will be named at the big Videogala next 16th of March.
Updating:  Deeply sorry to inform you Europe didn't win.

Better luck next time!





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