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A very merry Christmas

to John and his family, and to his mates in the band and their families.

Best wishes for a wonderful new year in music, joy, health, harmony and love to him and to all the Norumaniacs! May the new year bring you all success and satisfactions. Cheers!



December 21st 2008: EUROPE IN STUDIO. UPDATE

We wish you all a relaxing break over the holidays, and leave you with our latest rock video... or perhaps not...
Very Happy






After only 2 weeks it seems like our producer has lost his mind...



December 19th 2008: EUROPE IN STUDIO. UPDATE


Mic's trying out the latest Roland Fantom G7.





December 18th 2008: EUROPE IN STUDIO. UPDATE
Hello everyone.
Hard at work in the studio in Stockholm.
Norum is laying down some great guitars using both Les Paul and Strat for the rhythm guitars. Joey's working on lyrics. When asked what the songs are about he just replies "defiance, politics and sex.....not particular in that order".
In between
Norum's guitar overdubs both Mic and Leven records some of their magic. Leven has put down some fret-less bass. Mic some pads and and Nord klav. We're also preparing a score for a strings orchestra we're gonna record on a few tracks in Prag.
Ian just came in to visit us in the studio. Straight from doing his radio show. As you know the drums are already done and fabulous. We're working here in Stockholm until Sunday. Then we start up again on the 5th of Jan. in Gothenburg with vocals, keyboards and more guitars.
There will however be lyric work and other preparations over the holidays. But we'll try and get a few days of over Christmas.
There is a rumour that the "real" Santa's gonna appear this year.
Talk to you soon.


Norum is laying down a monster riff in Stockholm.


Mic laying down one of Norum's riffs on his Nord.



Gibson flying V 76, Seymour Duncan custom
Gibson Les Paul., Custom 80, Seymour Duncan George lynch Screemin' demon
Gibson Les Paul, standard faded 2007, Sheptone pickups

Gibson Les Paul, standard 58, Di Marzio 36th anniversary Paf pickups
Gibson Les Paul, 2001 Gary more signature model. Gibson Paf pickups
Fender Stratocaster 74, Van Zandt pickups.

Check the new section INSTRUMENTS!!!

Stay tuned!
Very Happy



Hello again
We're back in the studio. This time in Stockholm and J
ohn is tearing the house down with greatest guitar sound we've ever heard......We got one song down at the end of the first day. The one with the working title "ready".
Norum's setup for this tune was:
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul (Gary Moore signature model)
Amp: JCM 800 (lead series) 50 watt
Cabinet: Marshall 72 with celestion 30 watts greenback speaker woofers

Here is the selection of amps that John checked out today.

At one point we connected them all together. John played a chord and all lights in Stockholm dimmed for a second. Talk about powerful stuff...

Stay tuned!
Very Happy


December 12th 2008: EUROPE ON I-TUNES

Due to much demand, we're pleased to say 'ALMOST UNPLUGGED' is now finally available to purchase in selected I-tunes stores!
Check your local stores and be sure to tell your friends!
Very Happy



This picture is to visualize the new direction Europe are going for with the forthcoming album... NOT! Anyways, our first 5 days in the studio have come to an end and drums and bass are recorded for all the songs. Job well done Ian and John L.!
We're looking forward to a couple of days off now and will get back to you next week with info on how the work is proceeding.
Stay tuned
Very Happy


An old friend of ours (as well as singer/guitar player of one of the word's biggest rock bands) desperately wanted to come and visit us in the studio. In order NOT to be recognized by the locals he put some make-up on and tried to dress casual.
For some unknown reason he was very anxious to show his private parts in the picture taken here. Fortunately our fast-handed guitarist saved the situation.
John later said: "This was the easiest cover I've eve done".


Whenever there is a note to be played, there is a guitar to be chosen. It's not an easy job but someone has to do it.


December 11th 2008: EUROPE IN STUDIO: DAY IV

Ian's left Gothenburg and it's now up to Mr Leven to deliver his goods. Tobias has created a fantastic bass sound for John and his Sandberg basses.
Just for your info, before Tobias became a producer he was working for the FBI. (By the look of things it seems he's not gotten away from dealing with suspicious characters).
Stay tuned
Very Happy



December 10th 2008: EUROPE IN STUDIO: DAY III

It's day 3 and we're gearing up again. Ian has finished the drum tracks, and today we're gonna go through and review some of the material we've recorded so far. This album is shaping up to be a killer!
Stay tuned!
Very Happy



We're very pleased with the drums so far... comin' up, John L will open his bag of tricks and we'll put down some more of his groovin' bass tracks which will give us a powerful rhythm section. Can you handle it?


Our manager, Petri Lunden has stopped by the studio to listen through some songs with us. He's (quote/unquote) "amazed" with the songs so far, particularly after just 2 days recording. If he could, he'd have this album released tomorrow. This is encouraging.
When asked if he has any comment for you, the readers; in his typical businesslike fashion, Petri cheekily advises: "spend more money".





December 09th 2008: EUROPE IN STUDIO: DAY II


This time, we're taking some new directions with our songs, and we're exploring different styles. There is a definite classic rock vibe on some of the tracks... a tip of the hat to groovin', funkin' 70s rock songs - but ones we have bought into the here and now. We've also got a couple of great ballads in the pipeline, and some thundering rock tracks that will knock you on your asses! :-)
We've taken all the best qualities from our modern recordings, and catapulted them to a whole new level. We hope you'll enjoy them.
More following soon...


Ian has been workin' his ass off today - we're focusing on getting the drum tracks perfect this week, and he has really delivered!
More words from Ian a little later.


A couple more videos shot today in the studio... more updates tomorrow.

/Europe Very Happy



Limited Edition Double Album!
Europe are very proud to announce the release of their phenomenal "Almost Unplugged" recording as a STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION coloured vinyl album! Only 1000 units have been pressed, and each and every one of them has been hand-numbered!
This is not something fans and collectors want to miss! Visit the europetheband merchandise store for details!




This winter, Europe will return to the studio to record their 8th studio album.
We invite YOU to visit the new Europetheband blog between December 8th and 10th, and enjoy direct updates, interviews, pics and video!
It promises to provide some fire to melt the winter freeze... so do not miss this rare and unique opportunity to see history in the making!
Visit the europetheband blog here:

Stay tuned! Very Happy


December 4th 2008: updatings

John Norum never confirmed his presence at the event. He'll be in studio next week, recording the new Europe album.


December 6th and it is the turn of our Swedish friends to hold their second Thin Lizzy Bash in Västerås.

John Norum will be making a Special Guest Appearance and it is hotly rumoured that he will be joined by a certain ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist.


When: 6th of December 2008
Where: Västerås, Sweden
Venue: Sigurdsgatan 25


Costs: 200SEK (220SEK at door) approx 22Euro
Hotels: Klipper hotel  - just say "club rockers" and you will get a great prize
Flights: Ryanair direct from Stanstead-Sthlm Västerås or Ireland, Germany, Belgium - Sthlm Skavsta.
More info:


From Brian Robertson studio report:


Huge thanks to Sören Lindberg for keeping us up to date with Robbo's latest recording activities:

"All Les Paul's recorded today and it sounds great! We're so happy with the outcome of the session so far and we might even get the chance to get another song down as well ... acoustics and lead vocals tomorrow. Probably some really cool overdubs next week and possibly a guest appearance from guitar wizard John Norum ... we can't wait to carry on with these recordings as they seem to grow stronger day by day".Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy




Hi everyone!

Europe the band is proud to announce the launch of our much anticipated semi-acoustic "Almost Unplugged" show, recorded LIVE at Nalen in Stockholm! The CD will be available in Swedish music stores on September 17th, and available for international customers to order from: (select the English language option).

For those who prefer to "do it digital"... you will be able to download the performance from our online MP3 store!

All the best,

/Europe Very Happy



On the MASCOT Records website you can read that the new album titled "Magnetic Soul" will be released next November 30th, 2009. Stay tuned! Very Happy


August 25th 2008: POLAR MUSIC AWARD

Tomorrow the Polar Music Prize award will take place in Stockholm at Konserthuset (the Concert Hall).
Pink Floyd will receive a prize and
Norum and Tempest will perform together with the house band. This will be broadcasted at Swedish tv4 probably on Thursday, This is a must see for all Pink Floyd lovers!! There will be other artists as well there and the King and Queen of Sweden will attend to the ceremony. Last rehearsal starts early tomorrow morning , cant wait to get there and have good time at work!!
Peter Erixon


And this is the link to watch the TV4 special:


June 25rd 2008: CRAZY DAY IN ITALY/PADOVA (tourdiary by the band)
What a day!
Ian and
Norum's guitar tech missed a connection in Zurich (not their fault). Their driver had to break all kinds of records trying to get to the gig on time where everybody was nervously waiting. They made it 5 minutes late to the show, where Ian walked straight up to the drums. Whitesnake band and crew were very understanding and professionals. The gig in Padova was a success for us, so many fans had turned up and the audience seemed to have a really great time. After the show we decided to stay and see Whitesnake play. We talked a lot in the band about how we used to go to their shows and listen to "Slide it in" all the time in our tourbus. We also like their new song "Best Years". We watched the whole show from the side of the stage and we got really into it. Towards the end of their show Coverdale and Doug Aldrich (git) asked Joey to join them on stage. So towards the end of "Still of the Night" Joey walked out and finished the song with David Coverdale. A lot of fun........another crazy day in Italy.........




After the Europe show in Kilafors (Sweden), last Friday night, a tribute double DVD titled "ETERNAL FLAME - AN ALL STARS ROCKUMENTARY TRIBUTED TO JOHN NORUM FOR HIS 30TH CAREER ANNIVERSARY" was delivered to Mr Norum.




It was realized by 12 Artists and friends of him, in collaboration with the NORUManiacs Planet.
It is a collection of their thoughts and memories, expressed during a videointerview, and the whole work needed 18 months to be done. Speakers have been requested to freely talk about the time spent composing music, rehearsing, touring, performing live with him, and also to express their opinions on his artistic skills.

This work was not intended to be a professional rockumentary and it wasn't planned to be released; it only meant to be a personal tribute to his achievements, and also a friendly way to celebrate his 30th career anniversary, since in 1978 both the single " PUNKJÄVLAR" of the Eddie Meduza and the Roaring Cadillac's band (with John playing an amazing guitar solo), and the recording of "Väsby '78" (the festival in Upplands Väsby joined by John with his band WC) were released.

So, a heartfelt thanks for having worked with genuine enthusiasm and fun at this project goes to:


ARTISTS and FRIENDS (in chronological order):

Marcel Jacob (Bassist)
Peter Erixon (Guitartech)
Nalle Påhlsson (Bassist)
Ian Haugland (Drummer)
Michelle Meldrum (Guitarist)
Michael Amott (Guitarist)
Pontus Norgren (Guitarist and sound Engineer)
Thomas Broman (Drummer)
Glenn Hughes (Singer/Bassist)
Henrik “Hempo” Hildén (Drummer)
Janne Stark (Guitarist/Writer)
Joakim "Jocke Bacon" Kristiansson (Guitartech)

BANDS and TOURMANAGERS (in chronological order):

Talisman (Sweden)
Europe (Sweden)
Meldrum (USA/Sweden)
Arch Enemy (Sweden)
Michael Schenker & Friends (Germany/Sweden)
Glenn Hughes (UK/USA)
Hempoland (Sweden)

Many thanks also to the great small bunch of madpeople that worked behind the scene.


And last but not least, a very special thanks to Mr John Norum, ETERNAL FLAME of inspiration

for Musicians, music lovers and dreaming souls.


Very Happy GRATTIS, GUITAR HERO! Very Happy


June 14rd 2008: NORWAY AND HOLLAND (tourdiary by the band)
Hello again
We arrive in the most northern part of Norway. Very close to where
Norum and Haugland were born. Our dressing room is built like a form of Swedish "tipi" (sami-kåta) with a roaring fire in the middle and everything. This is a different world. Very friendly place though. However, the locals do like to drink..... a lot........We go on stage at midnight. Towards the end of the show at 1:30 (during, start from the dark!!) the sun rises. When we end our show at around 2 o'clock in the morning the sun is up and everyone is wearing sunglasses. This is a brand new experience.
Early next morning we fly to Holland to play Bospop a big festival just outside Eindhoven.
Big crowd, probably around 15000. We only get to play for an hour but it's a good one. Afterwards we check out a few songs with ZZ-TOP. We get reminded how good they really are, specially the early stuff. Great stage presence and feeling.
We also get to hang with some other Swedes after the show, The band Opeth. Their new guitar player is a good friend of
Norum and Leven.
After a few beers we are toying with the idea of making the new Europe album sound like a mixture of ZZ-top and Opeth. : )
Next morning.......maybe not.......



June 23rd 2008: BACK FROM SPAIN! (tourdiary by the band)

Hello everyone,
Back from Spain.....What a crowd! We made the show a little bit different with Memories and Scream of anger on the set-list. We had a great time during and after the gig. Always fun to hang out with the other bands after the show.
Check out the pic (under live pictures) of the crowd when we played in Bilbao. It was taken by an old friend of ours Denis O'Regan. He is now working as KISS main photographer.
All the best




On the MASCOT Records website you can read that the new album was titled "Magnetic Soul".

The release is confirmed to be next September 29. Stay tuned! Very Happy


June 8th 2008: BACK FROM SWITZERLAND! (tourdiary by the band)

Hello everyone,
Back from Switzerland! Considering we hadn't played together since Minsk and everything else that has been going on we were happy with our performance at the Rocksound festival. A lot of people saw us play and there was a great vibe in the big arena. To have Queensryche and Alter Bridge to open up for us was a nice bonus.
We talked about shaking up the set-list a bit for the remaining summer shows, maybe even for the next one in a couple of weeks.
We also talked extensively about when and how we want record our next CD. We want to have something out beginning of next year so we can tour again 2009.
See you out there.
Joey, John, John, Mic and Ian.


May 28th 2008: UPDATINGS

The memorial tribute gig will most likely be in Hollywood and it's planned to be towards the end of the year, as some of the bands schedules would allow.
Michelle's fans asked for a benefit tribute DVD with the recording of the gig.
More news will come soon.





On Sunday, May 18, Michelle Meldrum, leader of the band MELDRUM and former PHANTOM BLUE guitarist, was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California in critical condition. Three days later — yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, May 21) — she passed away as a result of a cystic growth on her brain that had restricted oxygen and blood flow to her brain, rendering her braindead.
Michelle had just completed writing and recording MELDRUM's soon-to-be-released third album with drummer Gene Hoglan, along with the group's latest additions, Michele Madden (vocals) and Laura Christine (bass). The surviving bandmembers plan to release the CD later this year in tribute to their fallen bandmate.
Those who knew Michelle recognize that she lived every moment for the music and was regarded as both an exceptional guitarist and a nurturer by her associates, friends, family and son.
Meldrum, 39, is survived by her parents and three-year-old son Jake Thomas (father is EUROPE guitarist John Norum). Her family and bandmembers appreciate all the support that has been shown over the past few days through this trying time. A memorial tribute benefit will be announced in the following weeks.
A memorial fund has been set up through Paypal for donations to her family and son to help offset expenses at

Michelle's former PHANTOM BLUE bandmate Linda McDonald, who played on MELDRUM's 2007 CD "Blowin' Up The Machine", commented: "Michelle passed away about 6:00 p.m. this evening [Wednesday, May 21] at the hospital. It comes as a complete shock and the impact will be felt by so many. She was a one of a kind and will be sorely missed. I don't really know what to say right now. Thank you for your prayers. I'm sure she heard them all. It is a very sad, sad day."

A Memorial Service will be held Saturday night in Laguna Beach. Family and friends welcome.

Michelle Meldrum was born on September 28, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan to a family of musicians and actors, and moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 13. She started her career in music by forming the thrash metal band WARGOD with drummer Gene Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD), then moved on to become both co-founder and lead guitarist in PHANTOM BLUE. PHANTOM BLUE released its self-titled debut album on Shrapnel Records in the U.S. (Roadrunner in Europe and Japan) and eventually landed a major label deal with Geffen.
While her career flourished, Michelle married EUROPE guitarist John Norum and moved to Sweden to form MELDRUM. After many successful tours with such acts as MOTÖRHEAD and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, she reunited with Gene in 2006 when he appeared as a guest on MELDRUM album and events. Inspired to once again collaborate, Michelle moved back to America where she and Gene began writing the third MELDRUM album together.


May God take care of her brave and beautiful soul, and may He give some relief to her relatives and beloved ones... Rest in peace, lovely girl.



The manager of former PHANTOM BLUE guitarist Michelle Meldrum — who has spent the past few years as the leader of her own band called MELDRUM — has said that Meldrum is currently in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital and hasn't been officially declared dead yet despite earlier reports to the contrary. According to Dawn Robinson of Dark Moon Entertainment, Michelle is currently in critical condition and is undergoing a number of tests which her family is hoping will result in a miracle that will allow her to "pull through." An official update regarding her status is expected sometime within the next 24 hours.

Thanks GOD, we can still hope! May God help her!


May 12th 2008: JOHN NORUM NEXT ALBUM updatings.

On the MASCOT Records website you can read that the next album release is delayed again. The new date is September 29, 2008. Stay tuned! Very Happy


April 29th 2008: MELDRUM announce new lineup and enter recording studio

After teaming up to write, Michelle Meldrum and Gene Hoglan recently announced MELDRUM's new lineup before entering the studio to record tracks for their new album in Los Angeles, CA on April 29.
MELDRUM's new lineup features: Australian metal vocalist Michele Madden (Tourettes), Laura Christine (Warface), Gene Hoglan (Death, Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad) and Michelle Meldrum.
The new album, in which band members will transcend anything previously recorded, will follow up their last CD Blowin' Up The Machine, which released last year on Frontiers/Locomotive.
According to Michelle Meldrum, "The new songs are slammin', heavier and more exciting than ever. I am honored to work with Michele Madden, she is an amazing singer with an extremely heavy voice and a huge range. We are venturing into new territory sonically, and can't wait to perform the new material live. Laura Christine is beyond awesome and definitely brings a heavy edge with her background experience from WARFACE, and…well, Gene is a drum god & goof and his history speaks for itself. It's a new era for the band and it feels great."
Gene Hoglan added, "Both Michelle and I are super-excited to be working with the amazingly-talented and ultra-gorgeous Michele Madden, and we welcome her with open arms into the MELDRUM family. We've been writing a ton of new, ballcrushing, METAL-as-fuck songs in celebration of the leggy one's arrival on our shores. I've had the utmost respect for her for the past five years, and always considered Madden to be, in every awesome and cool use of the term, a rock star. BIG respect, absolutely, and I can't believe I actually get to play in a band with one of my all-time favorite vocalists. I'm real psyched, and no one in their right mind is gonna disagree with the fact that this band has just gotten WAAAY mightier with our new addition. Fuckin' rights."
MELDRUM plan to unveil sneak peaks from their studio sessions on their website in coming weeks, with news on the new release and tours forthcoming.
For more information go to or

Michelle Meldrum


ps) Moa is currently working at her solo projects, and Frida will start working in the band La Puma.

To know more: (Moa's My Space), (Frida's My Space) and (La Puma's My Space).



The concert barriers are down and you have been granted exclusive backstage access into the lives of EUROPE! IN: EUROPE allows you to follow the band on the road during their "Secret Society" Tour and take a glimpse into their private moments, captured candidly through the lens of photographer Thomas Larsson.
This stunning 95-page digital tourbook contains 135 high-resolution, printable images, documenting the band as they roll from city to city, bringing their music to the people. Enjoy a never-seen-before snapshot of what goes on before and after the stage shows... and witness how the band, road crew and the fans follow the dream.
IN: EUROPE is a collector's keepsake offered exclusively for download from the band's MP3 store, and is not something you will want to miss!

Use the following link to access the store and you too can become a part of the extended EUROPE family: IN:EUROPE


April 23th 2008: JOHN NORUM NEXT ALBUM updatings from Polar Studios

John Norum is getting done mixing, last day Thursday.
Stay tuned!!!
Very Happy


April 19th 2008: CÁCERES, SPAIN (tourdiary by Mic)

The word "cancelled" has not, until this day, existed in the band Europe's dictionary. But today we sadly realized we have to add it to the book.
The people in charge of the festival in Cáceres, Spain decided to cancel todays festival due to too much rain. (If the festival would have been taking place somewhere in Scandinavia it would probably not have been cancelled. We’re used to sliding around in mud and have floods of water in our tents.) But as we understood it, here they are not used to these amounts of rain and weren’t prepared for it.
Now here we are, five guys with a top notch crew hungry to rock Spain and work our asses off. So what to do? We decided to try to find a club in town and arrange a free gig just for fun (and we heard some of you guys had been driving for miles from all over Spain to see us) but sadly the promoter said it was impossible.
Nothing left to do but resign and have a beer I guess…
Ian just knocked on my door and wanted to borrow a mobile phone charger and told me there’s a bunch of fans in the lobby bar, I guess that will be the destination for my beverage intake.
We’re sorry for what happened today but it was out of our hands. Nothing we could do about it. We hope that all you people who was here today have a possibility to come to Bilbao where we’re playing the 21st of June. I’m sure it’ll be a blast.


PS. Do you remember Bengt ”The Truck Driver” Smokenomore, mentioned in the tour diary from Belarus? He just drove for five days with our equipment to Spain and tomorrow he's looking at five days going back. For what? Nothing. I’m gonna buy him a beer!

PPS. Just heard from our lovely promoter Marta that the main reason for the cancellation was that the rain undermined the soil upon which the stage was built. It was all done in the interest of everyone's safety. So no shadow to be cast on our Spanish festival promotor here.


April 16th 2008: JOHN NORUM NEXT ALBUM updatings from Polar Studios

Last few days we have had both studios running, a wicked mix of music streaming out of the control rooms. Mr John Norum of Europe fame is mixing his new Solo Album with Peer Stappe (Gemini Five, Dos Flamingos and more) behind the wheel.
Stay tuned!!!
Very Happy


April 04th 2008: SHOWTIME IN BELARUS (tourdiary by Mic)

First time ever in Minsk, Belarus. Always interesting to visit places where you’ve never set your foot before.
Minsk was almost entirely rebuilt after the massive destruction during World War 2 but, unlike most cities from that era who suffered the same fate, appeared to be an unexpectedly beautiful place.
One thing that struck us when chatting to the locals was the unanticipated large number of people going to University taking Swedish Language classes. Haven’t seen or heard anything like it anywhere else outside Sweden. Way to go Minskies!
We hadn’t played together since the show at Nalen in January and were a wee bit rusty. Despite that, and some minor incidents with John’s guitar, the show went smoothly and the crowd was great. I can’t remember the last time hearing a crowd chanting "Carrie" in so many different keys at the same time ;)
One last thing: Please send a warming thought to our prominent truck driver Bengt ”The Truck Driver” Smokenomore, a proud Swedish southerner, who drives our equipment all over the continent.
After driving for days from Stockholm he was held up for 12(!) hours at customs on the Belarussian border.
Bengt ”The Truck Driver” had to explain to one evil customs worker exactly what every single piece of gear was used, for and then wait for the interpreter to translate it to Belarussian. (All things he didn’t have a clue what it was used for, the cunning rascal cleverly referred to as ”special effects”.)
Not to mention driving out of Belarus where Bengt ”The Truck Driver” was welcomed by the same evil customs guy at the border, and experienced the same treatment (12 hours!) all over again.
So let’s all raise toast to this brave and honourable man! And may he (despite all) honk his golden horn all over this proud continent for decades to come!



March 23rd 2008:



Cheers! Very Happy


February 23rd 2008:



Have a great year and stay ROCK!

Cheers! Very Happy



EUROPE will perform during some summer festivals. Check the ON TOUR section and stay tuned! Very Happy



Almost 60,000 people voted in the 2008 SWEDISH METAL AWARDS, and EUROPE have won the "BEST LIVE ACT" category! Many congratulations go out to the band!
To see more about the awards, visit: Very Happy


January 10th 2008: JOHN NORUM NEXT ALBUM updatings.

On the MASCOT Records website you can read that the next album will be released next August 22, 2008!

The album will be more bluesy than the previous ones and it'll contain an instrumental track.

Mic Michaeli, Leif Sundin, Thomas Broman and Tomas Thorberg worked at it. Stay tuned! Very Happy





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