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Prizes (offered by Warner Bros Ent. Sweden:

20th Anniversary DVD signed + 1 Promo CD single


Many compliments!!!


Like a thousand times before (Fernanda Belén Pucciarelli)


I´ve told you once and I´ve  told you twice (1)

You gave me something to hold on to (2)

The day you arrived, you changed my life

Then I discovered  I´d  live through you….

There´s a time, a lonely kind of time (3)

When too many questions rise from my heart (4)

But there isn´t much left to explain (5)

It´s so hard to feel bad when you´re around (6)  

But if I have songs of yesterday (7)

No matter how hard becomes my life

I´ll always  have a better day (8)

I´ll always  reach that open sky (9) ...

Slowly  things are getting clearer, (10)

´Cause finally I found my way (11)

Without a doubt I can tell you

This is how we breath today (12)….

Tonight you are an angel

Knocking on my door

And I give my life to you (13)

Just like a thousand times before. (14)


(1) Sentence, Heart of stone, The final Countdown, Europe

(2) Sentence, Hero,  Start from the Dark, Europe

(3) Sentence, A mother´s son, Secret Society, Europe

(4) Sentence, Crash & burn, Up from the Ashes, Dokken

(5) Sentence, Broken dreams, On the Loose, Europe

(6) Sentence, Dance the night away, Wings of Tomorrow, Europe

(7) Title, Songs of yesterday, Slipped into Tomorrow, John Norum

(8) Title, Better day, Optimus, John Norum

(9) Sentence, Got to have faith, Start from the Dark, Europe

(10) Sentence, Scream of anger, Wings of Tomorrow, Europe

(11) Sentence, Got to have faith, Start from the Dark, Europe

(12) Sentence, Start from the dark, Start from the Dark, Europe

(13) Title, Devil sings the Blues, Secret Society, Europe

(14) Sentence, Let me love you, Total Control, John Norum



You want to change my world, stay out of my life

(Elena Ilicheva Andreeva)

Girl can’t you see that we’re in different ways, we think differently! What do you want from me? To take down all the stars from the sky? Don’t waste your time, I don’t give a thing for you. And you want me only for you, and you want my kisses, well don’t waste your time, I’m gone. And I think that I’ve heard this before…What do you want now, why are you chasing me? No, please let me go. I don’t want to see you any more! Ok, you want to know what happened with us, what broken? Ok, I’ll tell you!

It was just the beginning. When I saw you I was in big shock! I didn’t know what to tell you, you were so beautiful. When I looked in your blue eyes I was paralyzed. I was watching you, there was no one, just you, there was no world, only you…For long time you were my everything. But later everything changed, when you came in my life and tried to ruin it! And I was so weak. If you told me to jump from a bridge I would, because you were everything for me. You were in every flower, in my dreams. Every though was for you. I loved you from the firs time that I saw you.

And one beautiful day you decided to play with my heart! And you did! I was a fool because I let you do it! You decided to be with me, but for what price…You wanted my life, my everything…You wanted every minute of my time, but I had friends…I wanted time for myself, but you didn’t  give it to me. And then we started to argue for silly things. You broke my heart too many times, and every time when we argued I was guilty (of course!) and you were the angel. Oh silly me! I was such a fool! And you didn’t give up, you went far away! You said that I have to choose between you and my friends?! Are you crazy?! To choose between my life and you?! Ha – ha, no way…And so then the cup over flew. I left you…well may be it wasn’t right to leave you without any explanation, without telling you anything, but did you tell me every time when you went out where did you go, and with whom? I guess in people’s eyes I were a monster, but you know you made me such a monster, so it’s your fault! And now I’m telling you get out of my eyes, because it I want to change my life I’ll do it by myself! I don’t need somebody to do it for me. Everything’s mine – my life, my world…Oh what happened? Why are you speechless? Say something…Did I hurt you? Well I guess now you’ll know how  you make me feel all the time we were together. I have to go now, there’s a girl waiting me, bye!

Freely inspired by "Stormwind" (Europe, "Wings of Tomorrow, 1984)



Other prizes are available, and they will be offered by Warner Bros.

for the NEXT contest applied to ALL the Norumaniacs. Check the EVENT section from next March the 9th 2008 on. Stay tuned!!!



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